Constructed Wetlands for Water Sanitation and for Water Storage

Constructed wetlands are a feasible way of sanitation for small communities, single houses and in karst regions. They become more and more popular because of their low financial and technical constraints and their good ecological integration.

Especially in semi-arid regions constructed wetlands can be adopted for rain water storage. Natural processes turn rain water into drinking water.

Technical advantages:
  • Easy to operate and low operating cost
  • No energy consumption if favourable topography
  • Possibility of treating raw domestic sewage
  • Sludge management is reduced to a minimum
  • Adapt well to seasonal variations in population
  • Withstand periods of freezing without great losses in performance

In general, constructed wetlands are economical for communities up to 500 population equivalent. They show an excellent performance in reducing harmful substances as long as maintenance is carried out regularily.

BLUEWATERS provides professional consulting for
  • planning and construction of a wetland including check lists and material lists
  • calculation tools for planning and construction
  • information about national and international grants

BLUEWATERS helps you to identify suitable locations and to save planning time and investment costs.

The project is financially supported by WAFF (Vienna Employment Promotion Fund).