DLAN - International Development of Integral Training and Education Programs in the Area of Protection and Resuscitation of Native and Cultural Heritage

This project is financed by the Leonardo da Vinci Community vocational training action programme. BLUEWATERS’ partners are the Institute for Rehabilitation, Slovenia; Josefsheim-Bigge, Germany; Regional Training Centre of Kecskemét, Hungary.

The portion of unemployed invalids in the developed countries of Europe is at least two times higher than the portion of unemployed persons in the entire population; in the less developed countries the portion is essentially higher. An important obstacle in both groups are social prejudices, inappropriate education, obstructions in the areas of social and work skilfulness, and the lack of adequately qualified teachers/trainers for work with invalids.

The project has two target groups with defined target population:


  • unemployed persons (irrespective of age and gender) with adequate knowledge and experiences, without physical and personality impediments;
  • invalids with minor physical impediments (eyesight, hearing, injury, etc.) that have no impediments in the personality area and have adequate knowledge and experiences.

Final beneficiaries of training programs:

  • unemployed invalids with distinctive damages in the cognitive-behavioural area;
  • young unemployed persons after accidental brain lessions;
  • long-term unemployed persons with complex impediments in the personality area (including psychiatric patients).

Expected results and products of the program are handbooks for the training of invalids and teachers/trainers that include chapters with technical, pedagogical, work and psychosocial-rehabilitation contents. Specific models of qualification and training methods are elaborated and then evaluated both by teachers and trainers and by final beneficiaries.

Representatives from the areas/sectors of agriculture (fruit growing, farming), domestic and artificial crafts (printing, bookbinding, paper manufacturing, ceramics), ecology, tourism, culture, social service, education, medicine and others will be included in the project.

Potential users of project results are:
  • specialized institutions and individuals whose basic area of work is rehabilitation;
  • local, regional and state institutions (employment institutes), which are responsible for the successful implementation of rehabilitation and education programs;
  • companies and institutions that are ready to cooperate in the development of new work programs, are or would like to be involved in the employment of invalids;
  • universities, faculties and other institutions who are engaged in education and training;
  • organizations involved in professional education in the area of paper manufacturing, printing, bookbinding, farming, fruit growing, traditional building, formation, marketing, etc.;
  • tourist organizations, technical and land museums;
  • invalids and hard-to-employ persons with troubles in personal areas
  • family members and other close persons

The contribution of BLUEWATERS is the development of a training program in the field of ecological production of vegetables and herbs and the forming of clay/ceramics.

A high percentage of invalids is unemployed due to social prejudices, inappropriate education, and the lack of adequately qualified teachers/trainers. Reducing unemployment works in co-operation with interested organisations and potential employers in reasonable fields of agriculture and ecology, crafts and culture, and education and social service.