Network Nature - Implementation of the Vienna Biodiversity Programme - Austria

NETWORK NATURE (NETZWERK NATUR) – Implementation of the Vienna Species and Biotope Protection Programme

The project started in January 2001 and lasted until December 2002. It was financed by the Local Council of the City of Vienna, Department for Environmental Protection (MA 22).

Sustainable protection of species and biotopes according to the Viennese Nature Protection Law. There are about 80 species of concern (like dragonflies, butterflies, grasshoppers, beetles, birds and some valuable flowers) and 12 kinds of biotopes, for which we are obliged to work out special management plans.

Selection, support and realisation of different project-partners and stakeholders; they are chosen at the project beginning-phase – so we can work out together the necessary measurements using the "bottom-up"-model.

Close cooperation with important public and private key players like the agriculture or forestry sector to protect the whole biodiversity of the Viennese country; because in Vienna, as a complex urban region, we have to deal with a great number of different layers of interest.

Set up communication and public relations as well as working out public awareness campaigns and programmes; for our various target groups we provide different types of media like folders, organisation of seminars and presentations.

Project coordination including time scheduling and project controlling.

The total elaboration of the project is supported by computer-based Geographic Information System (GIS). It permits data management in very easy and fast way: like analysis, processing, link-up and graphical presentation of basic data.

Our partner for this project was the Bureau DI Karl Grimm, Civil Engineer for Landscape Planning and Ecology.

“Biodiversity is essential for ensuring the basic ecological processes and resources necessary for sustaining the well-being of not only current but also future generations. Without this variety in the living world, ecological systems and functions would break down with detrimental consequences for all forms of life, the effects of which are impossible to predict.”