REGAL - Real Estate Graduate Accredited Learning

REGAL (Real Estate Graduate Accredited Learning) is a European Commission funded project which harnesses the latest information and communications technology (ICT) in order to help professional development of real estate professionals. The project will enable the creation of a bank of training materials, supported by an ICT framework in order to provide on-line, on-the-job support for professionals working in the field of real estate.

The Project partners are: RICS, UK, RICS Europe, Belgium, Metzger Real Estate, Austria, Technische Universität Wien, Austria, Cambridge International Land Institute, UK, Phoenix Innovations Ltd., UK, International University of Venice, Italy.

The thinking behind REGAL is not revolutionary in today’s business world where the existence of on-line CPD (Continuous Professional Development) often called E-learning, Corporate Knowledge Bases and Networks, is now commonplace. Such systems have become a reality in our daily professional and private lives. The real estate profession has been slow to pick up on this growing trend and is in danger of falling behind. Something must be done to help professionals face the new challenges arising from an economy that no longer has borders and demands a wider range of skills and competencies for professionals to have a competitive advantage.

REGAL represents the beginning of a true revolution within the profession. In a few years, professionals will have on-line access tostate-of-the-art knowledge and professional information. CPD courses will be available on the web. Chartered surveyors will be able to share best practises and knowledge with their colleagues all day, every day.

Goals and outcomes:

To support online, on-the-job, distance Postgraduate level CPD for Real Estate professionals at European level, the Project will develop:
  • an ICT-based Corporate Professional Knowledge Base;
  • a Corporate Professional Knowledge Network using the considerable professional knowledge and skills base at European level;
  • a network of professional bodies to ensure that the results will meet their CPD requirements;
  • a continuous upgrade of the skills and knowledge to create business, grow in the profession, reap individual success and meet rising professional quality control standards.