REMIT - Real Estate Management International Training

This project has already been closed in late 2000, after 3 years of hard work establishing a distant learning course for real estate professionals. It has been financed by the EU-LEONARDO programme.

Partners in the project were:
  • CILI – Cambridge International Land Institute (consortium leader)
  • Vienna University of Technology, represented by BLUEWATERS
  • CECOMM, Southampton University
  • METZGER real estate group, Vienna Austria
  • University of Amsterdam

The focus of the REMIT training was to meet the professional’s needs for managing change, with specific reference to environmental concerns. The training process developed can be transferred to other subject fields for property professionals.

The objectives were:
  • to develop generic skills
  • to provide specific knowledge fields (content)
  • to enhance professional skills related to such content
  • to apply such skills and contents to particular property issues through ICT supported collaborative learning

The training materials that have been developed for the learners were web based (resources and tutor/mentoring) and supported personally where more appropriate by traditional (paper based and face to face tutor/mentoring).

The training approach was an applied one using a bank of web based case studies as a basis for the learning activities. The case studies were initially sited in three regions, one each from Austria, Holland, and England.