Market Studies

BLUEWATERS elaborate comprehensive market studies for their clients to support them in decision making processes and business development. Transparency and accuracy of the provided information is our primary concern. 
Our market research activities comprise the complete description of the sector organisation in the country/region, legal and regulatory framework, tariff policy and mechanisms, present tariffs, options for private sector participation, socio-economic parameters and tax situation.
Contact management and setup of business network for the client are also part of our service.

Within the market research projects BLUEWATERS furthermore define and analyse client’s local and international competitors as well as the market demand and investment needs. The client receives a risk analysis for market entry, including market entry strategy (short, medium and long term).

For project oriented clients, we identify project opportunities and support them with project development and acquisition. Moreover BLUEWATERS identify local co-operation partners and help the client in establishing co-operation contracts, up to joint ventures.