Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Energy Efficiency (EE)

Incentives such as tax alleviation, direct subsidies for investments or subsidised interest rates are the preassumption for most renewable energy systems to make them able to compete with the low price of fossil fuels. Therefore, financial viability is always the major asset of RES and EE related projects.
Bearing in mind the long term benefit for the environment and the CO2 savings potentials alternative fuels like biogas, biomass, as well as small hydro power, solar, wind and energy from geothermal sources become ever more attractive alternative and are applicable for funding within the most development programmes. 
The governments of the most countries have taken this into consideration and are offering incentives for the installation of renewable energy systems for industry, residential buildings, municipalities and agriculture.

BLUEWATERS draw up business plans for such projects, organise subsidies and identify investors for renewable energy projects.