Waste Management

Waste Management Master Plans

The general concepts – master plans – are necessary in order to determine and to design the individual projects according to the general requirements towards a future-oriented and sustainable waste management and to avoid inappropriate investments.
Much attention is being given to a successful future-oriented concept, which includes specific requirements for waste management in accordance with the EU-directives.

BLUEWATERS support both private clients as well as Municipalities by development of regional waste management master plans and elaboration of feasibility studies (incl. technical and socio-economic analysis) as well as identification and assessment of new landfill sites.
Moreover, the company elaborates concepts for innovative waste recycling schemes, turning waste into valuable resource and business establishments in the sector.

Waste Disposal

BLUEWATERS’ services in the field of waste disposal are related to project management for communal and industrial landfills incl. planning, project submission, coordination of tendering and procurement procedures as well as site supervision and commissioning.

Waste Water Treatment

BLUEWATERS developed several regional master plans for waste water treatment. Within these porjects the company was in charge for project management incl. identification of sources of financing, preparation of tendering documentats and implementation of work.

Support to Landfill Site Management

BLUEWATERS carried out planning activities and implemented monitoring systems at landfill sites for municipal and hazardous waste.
The company provides consutancy related to legal subjects, socio-economic analysis of th project as well as introduction of environmental measures and adaptation of the site to the regulations in accordance with the EU-directives.