Water Management

Groundwater Exploration

Groundwater resources, indispensable basis for development, life and health, become ever scarcer and more polluted. Groundwater resources are extremely valuable all over the world and their sustainable management is the prerequisite for regional development.

BLUEWATERS design and develop national and regional water master plans, including investigation by aero-photogrammetry as well as geophysical and hydrogeological methods. The focus of our work in these fields lies on regions with arid climates. We also design, plan and implement water supply systems and including the consultancy related to the submission, tendering, procurement, site supervision and commissioning of the projects.

Groundwater Protection

In the field of groundwater protection, BLUEWATERS both assess industrial sites by comprising environmental due diligence audits in the course of real estate transfer and rehabilitate contaminated industrial sites. 
BLUEWATERS are specialised in remedying damage to soil and groundwater caused by mineral oil and its derivatives, heavy metals and halogen hydrocarbons.

Geothermal Resources Management

Another area of special water resources management is the development of geothermal sources. Geothermal water can be used both for energetic and balneological purposes. BLUEWATERS support investors with hydro-geological and geo-technical feasibility studies, as well as with diverse marketing activities.